Random hand-written pages

So who writes the Two Foolish scripts?

Technically it’s Chris who puts all the words on the page and makes final decisions about edits, but putting the shows together is a long process of negotiation and bouncing around ideas.

Generally, Chris will have a moderately interesting or potentially promising idea. He’ll mention it to Karen who will then have 30,000 ideas ranging from amazing to less amazing. Then phone calls, Skype calls, emails and WhatsApp messages will result in a vague plot.

Chris will then sulk about how different this is to his original concept, but grudgingly admit that it’s much, much better. He’ll then write a script that is usually about an hour too long, then the same process will whittle it down to the right length.

What else has Chris written?

Thank you for asking.

Chris won the 2018 Global Motion Pictures Award for both Best Screenplay and Best Character Development for his 2018 screenplay ‘Rest In Peaceminster’. He’s twice a winner of the Chesil Theatre 10×10 short play competition.

Several of his short stories are available on his personal website and he has a coaching blog which is currently being updated.