Somehow the plan to update the ‘Hello World’ page seemed to fall at the second hurdle – we managed one post then stopped.

So here’s a second blog!

We’re now three shows down the line and we’ve learned a lot of things. 3 Edinburgh Fringes at 2 venues, 3 Brighton Fringes, also at 2 venues, 2 London shows with 2 more to come, 4 shows in the Huddersfield area and one in Todmorden.

Is that a lot for 3 years? We don’t know.

But what we do know is that the latest play, Death and the Dominatrix (previously known as Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man), has had the most powerful effect yet and we’re keen to take it further.

Its mix of comedy, heartbreak and finding mystery in the mundane has definitely struck a chord. Also, it appears that everyone loves Annie Lennox. There’s a surprise. Not.

There have been actual tears – on stage and off! – and belly laughs.