22nd May 2019 – Death and the Dominatrix preview show

Heart-warming as well as buttock-warming. Don’t miss it!

Fantastic! Loved the rollercoaster of emotions!

Punchy, sexy, funny – thought provoking and dark

24th May 2018 – Painted Love preview show

We asked audience members to write down their thoughts. Some left their names, most didn’t. Here’s some of the feedback…

Loved it! – Seriously – my type of music too. […] Oh – + – you’ll have audiences wanting to sing along to ‘Tainted Love’ + … the other one (sorry – can’t remember the title – ‘ours is a kind of so-so love…’ Nathaniel

Wow! Just wonderful. […] Passion, graft + sheer bloody brilliance! Will not forget this – ever! Steve

Some great moments! And tight one liners. […] Highly enjoyable and a neat resolution of The Dark Lady!!

Bravo! Bravo! Love the band names, lighting gags and Karen’s characters are great as always. Maybe camp it up a little more for the songs?

Love the Dark lady – brilliant character.

Really enjoyed it, especially the way you could be so many different characters with just two of you!

Brilliant and bonkers! Fantastic fun.