For immediate release

Two Foolish Productions (UK)

I Believe in One Bach

by Chris Brannick

A dark psychological drama from Two Foolish Productions exploring what happens when the world thinks that we are no longer relevant, played out to the sublime music of Bach’s B Minor Mass.

“Extraordinarily well-written… the best new short play of the Fringe” Fringe Review (Brighton)

Music was his career, Bach was his passion.

I Believe in One Bach follows the unravelling of Alan Gottlieb, an ageing orchestral violinist, coasting his way to retirement. But when an appraisal finds him wanting, he risks losing the one thing that gave his life meaning.

Shunned by colleagues, management and friends, and facing his own feeling of inadequacy, he reaches for inspiration from Bach. But when Bach reaches back to him and his desk partner is not who she seems to be, everything appears to be lost.

I Believe in One Bach is written by Chris Brannick, a professional percussionist and award-winning screenwriter, and born from his experience in the orchestral world. He has watched many of the brightest musicians facing the triple threat of facing the end of their careers that have been built entirely around music, the emergence of younger, brighter talents, and the insurmountable effects of the ageing process.

He is joined in Two Foolish Productions by Karen Kirkup, who has worked as a drama coach, a career advisor and construction worker. She directs the play as well as appearing alongside Chris on stage. They have been friends for 20 years, but Two Foolish began, as all good things do, as an accident.

In 2016, a venue in Edinburgh had an act drop out from their Fringe programme and needed someone, or something, to fill it. A friend of Chris’ wondered whether he would like to do a one-man show. Chris did not. But Chris knew Karen was interested in performing at the Fringe. And so Two Foolish Productions was born, in a conversation in a van, travelling to a concert.

Three comedies followed. However this year, for the first time, Two Foolish are bringing a psychological drama to the Edinburgh Fringe. And for the first time they are performing with C ARTS.