Fiona Becklestaffe believes she’s been pushed too far by her friends and her partner. She’s comfortable in her retro practical relaxation cubicle – it’s so 21st century – and she relates her posthumous life assessment to her thoughtpad. When her psychometrically-assigned life consort retreats to his personal cubicle for some time with his newly acquired sexbot, Fiona sees the opportunity to settle a few scores.

Set in a time when artificial intelligence has taken over all our menial tasks – including sex – Forgive or Forget explores themes of revenge and moral responsibility using Stoicism and Utilitarianism as guiding lights.

A dark monologue where no-one has the moral high ground and there is only one winner, from award winning writer Chris Brannick and director Karen Kirkup. Music and filming by Chrissie Caulfield.

Available on SweetStream as part of the Brighton Fringe.