Wishing you a wonderful holiday and new year. Enjoy celebrating or humbugging it’s your choice.


Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote the first blog. Since then we have done the first day of filming of Dear Lucifer in Huddersfield and then two more days in London. Another day in January and that should be all the filming achieved. Behind the scenes Chrissie has been getting drone footage and footage of fish. Music and special effects are being composed and when all this is achieved Chrissie will work her magic and turn it into a piece of art and entertainment. As an actor and director I know that it is the technical and editorial elements that make or brake a piece of work and I feel privileged to work with Chrissie.

A special mention must go to the talented Dora ( aging working Cocker Spaniel) who has turned out to be a natural at sitting and lying in her basket for 5 minutes and all for a dog treat. When you get to see the film please take note of her unaffected acting style that puts the rest of us to shame.

We searched high and low to find a truly authentic Yorkshire accent to do the voiceovers for the titles and finally found Joe Stuart Whitwam born and bred in ‘ God’s own Country’ not my words but Rushby, Kevin (3 September 2013) ‘Yorkshire – God’s own country is the best place in Europe’. I hope you will enjoy the pure sweet musicality of the Yorkshire accent as spok’n in ‘uddersfield’ by me son Joe.

Blog One


As yet we haven’t started blogging. Would this be a thing anyone even wants?| If it is please drop us a line and let us know the type of blogs you want.

Updates this week alone include

Chris has been in America and while there he has been writing two plays. A comedy/drama for Emley Drama Group’s 50th anniversary called ‘The Café at the end of Thyme’ and also our play for next years festivals/fringe, View from the Edge’.

Tomorrow 08/12/2023 we are doing the first day of filming of the upcoming YouTube film ‘ Dear Lucifer’ in which my dog , Dora, the aging working cocker spaniel will have a cameo role, think ‘Dame Judy Dench’! She will be the only one getting paid (dog treats) otherwise she will refuse to wake up.