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Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man

By Chris Brannick

What does a woman have to do to give death a good spanking?

Award winning screenwriter Chris Brannick and director Karen Kirkup new production is a comedy drama with a heart.

Maggie Taylor is an ageing dominatrix with the ideal life… everything runs like clockwork, business is booming and she relies on no-one. But she wasn’t expecting Death to turn up in a purple suit to summon her to the afterlife with his clipboard. Maggie has one hour to persuade Death that as usual, she holds the whip hand.

As she is forced to face up to her life choices, she asks herself again, why did I ever need a man?

Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man features the songs of Annie Lennox and Eurythmics and is performed by Karen Kirkup and Chris Brannick.

The voice of Annie Lennox was the iconic sound that captured the sound of a generation, who are now coming to terms with getting older. Two Foolish Productions wanted to speak for this generation with humour and honesty, as well as poking fun at the rebranding that has permeated every aspect of our society – so why not death, too?

Chris Brannick is a winner of the 2018 Global Motion Picture Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Character Development and twice winner of the Chesil Theatre 10×10 short play competition.

The show is aimed at a mature audience but is suitable for over 16s.

Remind Me Again Why I Need A Manwill premiere at the Brighton Fringe before travelling to the Edinburgh Fringe in August. Chris Brannick and Karen Kirkup formed TwoFoolish Productions in 2016 to create and perform quirky theatre inspired by the music of the 80s, exploring the frustrations of finding yourself lost in a changing world. Previous shows include Get Fit With Bruce Willisand Painted Love. They aim to tour at rural and local venues around the UK.