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  • Loved it! - Seriously - my type of music too.

    Passion, graft + sheer bloody brilliance! Will not forget this - ever!

    Brilliant and bonkers! Fantastic fun.
  • Painted Love will have its preview at Sweet Werks in Brighton on May 28th. Tickets available from the link - or contact us direct!
  • Painted Love previewed last night in Huddersfield at the OTSO Bar. A packed house laughed in all the right places. Next stop, Brighton!
  • Chris Brannick has won the 2018 Global Motion Picture Award for Best Screenplay and Best Character Development for his screenplay 'Murder, She Prayed'

quirky comedy, drama and new writing from Chris Brannick and Karen Kirkup


buy tickets for “Painted Love” at the¬†Brighton Fringe